Hi frndzs,

Myself Lakhi Chand Jain…I am an Illustrator, conceptual designer, former Sr. faculty (fashion design), travel writer, scholar and mandanagrapher from the soil of culture, art and creativity unending… that’s India. I hail from the Pahur, a tiny village nestled on the bank of the Waghur River, which starts as a tiny stream from the Ajanta Mountains (Ajanta caves). The region surrounding of Pahur is known as an ‘East Khandesh’ in Maharashtra, India and still lives in Kalwa, near financial capital of Republic of India “Bombay”… Mumbai… Maai Mumbai माय मुंबई… Maajhi Mumbai माझी मुंबई… My Mumbai! Conceptualizing, creating and illustrating the designs to the all types of spaces and surfaces is my endeavor… making people learn about art and designing is my passion… and I find peace of mind through each n every creation, innovation and simple things of joy in the travels of life. Frndzs!  On behalf of me, Mrs. Meeta is leading this blog as an admin… Let know you that, since the year 2008 I am suffering from the crisis of permanent physically disability, due to calcium deficiency. I have already operated left hip surgery and I am facing same problem remained in right side. So, that cause I am not able to meet you here regularly. Currently my intense is only on extensive projects of designs and mandanagraphy. In year 2010-12, I have successfully handled a task as a curator and design consultant for an innovative interactive museum project http://khoj-gandhiji-ki.blogspot.in/. Now I am steady in the planning & designing of my dreamy- massive project<mandanagram> and <BEE’s colony>… the BEE cause mandana project. Through this page… just trying to share my views, ideas, experience, experiments about the art of ‘mandana’, and just trying to discover the wonderful world of simple folk design and people interested in it. 🙂 Welcome to the page… and let’s explore, share and finds new ears and eyes of design and celebrate together each bit of ‘creation’. Thank you for surfing into my blog, I hope you get little things of joy through it.

Lakhi Chand Jain


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